Stay At Home Mom.

I was never one to have many friends and as ive gotton older the ones i do have live way far away. I met my boyfriend when i was 17 and got pregnant at 18. Now I'm 21 and my life is my children I can go days without speaking to someone whos not a toddler my boyfriend is 35 and hes not around much he doesn't allow me to leave the house or have friends. i need someone to talk to and be myself around I'm from Atlanta, Georgia. with two amazing baby boys(: thats my story.
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you can add me. i live with my boyfriend and im pretty just home the whole time hes at work. would be nice to talk to someone who wont be all like why dont you go out -__-

Well i hate to hear that your b/f doesn't ALLOW you to have friends or leave the house...what gives him the right to decide how you live your life?..and why are you letting him?..i'm sorry to sound harsh, but i married a man like this..i couldn't see what he was doing to me at the time, but now being divorced from the devil for many was plain to see....NO ONE may dictate if you leave a house or have a friend