I Need Friends

Hello My name is Mahmoud and I'm from Kuwait I am 13 years old ..And I only have one friend and named Nasser and my brother has a lot of friends ..And is always out to mess around with them and I am sitting at home and not go out with my boyfriend only once ..I need friends From 7-16
MahmodAlBloushi MahmodAlBloushi
13-15, M
1 Response Jan 1, 2013

it going to be alright im 13 actually but if anyone ask im 14 friends come and go but you will find that one friend. For now i will so be your friend you sound pretty kool. i got a bf but i would stay away from 17 year olds. im dating one now and all he talk adout/thinks about is sex it gets annyoing.on th e other note friends will come just be open.

thank you