Can Honestly Say I Have No Friends

I used to have friends in high school. Then I went away to college. I met some people and there were even some who I might have considered friends but my friendships never last. Sometimes I run into my friends from high school, but it really isn't the same. I don't know if all along we weren't true friends or if we just changed too much. I don't know why I can't form lasting friendships. I just have a hard time reaching out to people. Or sometimes I am scared to assert myself as someone's friend in case they don't really see me like that, so I do the opposite and wait for people to come to me. I'm lucky I have a boyfriend because I'd never be able to meet guys and go on dates, it's like I became shyer for some reason. If this sounds super depressing...I'm not really sad about it anymore, though sometimes I wish I could have friends to confide in and to be confided in and have fun. To make myself look even more like a loser, I join sites like these partially to make friends and then I never actually try to make friends.
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Same here!<br />
Im just too shy to make any new friends!<br />
But ive learned to accept that and im alone by choice now. lol.<br />
Just know that youre not the only one feeling this way!<br />
(well thats what i try to tell myself once in a while..)<br />
and ive joined this site for the same reason lol<br />
It would be cool to actually meet some of the people on here but like nobody lives in my area anyways!<br />
Good Luck, yorue not alone! ♥

Wow, this sounds exactly like me. After high school all my friends moved to different parts of the country and even abroad. I meet them from time to time, but it just isn't the same anymore.

I had many friends at my first high school and then had to move. So I entered my new high school my junior year and the school was too big. I made some friends, but going away to college changes a lot of things. Nobody lives near me. People move, change their number, etc. It's annoying because I am very social, but I don't like to go out to social places like clubs. So, I hardly have any friends. One who moved overseas and the other who moved to PA.

I know how you feel. When I first moved to a new city for work, I knew no one and I had a lot of trouble meeting new people because of how shy I am. It took me a year before I made any friends and some of them now I am not sure are true friends. Being shy is hard to overcome, especially when you move somewhere new.

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this is exactly my situation! except I don't even have a boyfriend.