"i Speak To The Detached And Unrealistic That Were Born Normal But Turned Socially Autistic"

Yeah. I'm an oddball this may sound silly but i decided to make a FaceBook account tonight. Joy! I got one friend and thats my boyfriend. I became a loner back in highschool. When I dropped out I hung with alot of people. So I cant say ive been completely alone my whole life but moving around so much since 2010 i lost contact with everyone and honestly it was a low priority to maintain a social life. My sisters became my bestfriends, there were school mates/co-workers i talked to but never considered any my friends. This is different for me. I'm having a long distance relationship with somebody and felt like i should get back out there now that we're apart.. is this group right for me? lol - Lovereject403
lovereject403 lovereject403
18-21, F
Jan 17, 2013