I like that I'm different. But being different gets pretty lonely. People don't think I notice the looks they give me, or the insincerity in their voice. I understand how shy I and quiet I can be. I'm awkward and I have trouble communicating sometimes but shouldn't that be the sign to people I could really use a friend? But instead they only stay for polite conversation. The kind you're obligated to be in when you sit with a group of people. And I can imagine what people think when I talk to the kids who don't fit in with the majority. "Why is she talking to THEM?" they must think. This is why: they took more than two seconds to actually talk to me with genuine interest and you know what? You may think of me as the kid who doesn't look exactly like you but they see me for me. A person who likes to laugh and talk. I may be different from most people but we're all the same on one common ground. We all want to be accepted.
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Throughout H.S. I had similar experiences... It was a rough time.... I was constantly made fun of cause I was different. I just became the class clown, which wasnt a smart idea. I was always in trouble and eventually just didnt care anymore about what people thought.. I wanted friends and I did make some that were different but I didnt care cause they were my friends. Things will get better:-)

im happy you are different, different is awesome

Awesome. :) I too like to talk to people who are different or don't fit in.. and awkward people.. cuz I have been and am like that too. It's fun for me to be nice to people when you see them being a li'l awkward, I can sympathise so I like to talk to them and make them feel included, because I know it feels nice for them. :)


very true,,,,we all need a good close friend to confide in,,and become close to,,,and able to share anything with,,