Or Do I?!?

you know... i'm pretty much dealing with the same thing as a lot of folks at this point in life.  i was in the same relationship for about 5 years... and everyone knew *us* as a couple.. and when that was done... it was like they all faded away.

i moved around a lot growing up... and the distances were always far. so i've started over... probably too many times.  you know how people say they've known a person for forever? i don't have any of those forever friends.

so i have friends now... that i've known for a year or two since the last move... i get invites to go out but i think that i'd just like to stay in. maybe i'm a loner. who knows?  i'm content, so that's a good start, right?

i'm also a single mom... you know how those circles work.  when you're single you hang out with single people. when you're a couple you hang out with couples. when you have a child... you hang out with parents.  and when you're a single mom? lol idk... this is where my chart is unfinished.  maybe i need a circle. right now i'm more of a dot.
synomaly synomaly
22-25, F
Jun 29, 2007