But not the random acquaintences that people generally call friends... A friend is someone who will do anything for you when you are in need... someone who actually cares about you as a person and wishes to help you grow through support and not through infiltration. Someone who will catch you when you fall but let you fall when you need to yet still be there with a hand extended.
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Xeno I could not agree with you more!<br />
I come to realize that many of my friend or I thought were my friends are really not. When I need my friends beside me in a hard time in my life most of them turned away. It was really hard for me to take because I did care and would have helped them. <br />
I truly believe that most people have you around just because you have something they want. It maybe be as simple as your personality but once it changes they are gone.<br />
<br />
My father always told me “if you can count 3 good friends on your hand consider yourself a lucky person”

I've said it once; I'll say it again: A Good friend bails you out of jail. A True friend sits BESIDE you in jail! =} Which friend do yu want?