New Friends

My friends all have their own lives now and I have mine, we don't talk anymore and don't see each other except maybe once or twice a year. They want me to come back home and be how I was in High School, but I can't, that's why I'm getting divorced, because I'm not the person I was in HS. I need new friends, as of right now I have none. I live in a place where I know no one but family, and now that I have no husband, I am very lonely.
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4 Responses Jan 11, 2007

I have a wife who has so many friends there is no room for me. We are seperated because she wont give up the drama her friends provide for her on a daily basis. Im not a man who likes to be the center of attention. She has to be. Not sure if I should try and make us work. So confused.

cowgirl's plan sounds like a good one! Meeting new people is a good way to make new friends :D If dance lessons dont sound good you could always just go for a walk in the park or to the library or a coffeeshop or bookstore and strike up a friendly conversation with a nice looking person :D

hello, it seems we have an awful lot in common, i also have no friends and desperately want some. i am too a single mother. i've been married twice and going thru my second divorce. life seems to keep throwing me stuff. i do have a job but when i come home i feel so empty and bored i don't know what to do with myself. my kids are a little older so they don't really have time for me. sometimes i just go wander the mall just for something to do and i get angry at myself for not having friends like everybody else to go and have coffee with and stuff... i'd like to be your friend and i would definetly talk to you!!!

Try dance lessons, vocal or music lessons, anything that would get you interacting with new people and having fun! I know it sucks right now...but hang in there and keep the faith and you will see the light shining through soon! Your son will also help keep you grounded and just know that he will always love you no matter what!