Money Cant Buy Me Love But Look At All My " Friends "

I looked friends up in the dictionary.... yes laugh if you must but it was very interesting

FRIEND : 1. One joined to another in mutual benevolence and intimacy.... 2. Applied Loosly eg. to a mere acquaintance, or to a stranger ; also One not an enemy ; One who wishes well .

for those who need to know what benevolence is..

BENEVOLENCE : 1. Disposition to do good, kindness, generosity, charitable feeling ( towards mankind ) 2. Affection, goodwill 3. a charitable contribution of goodwill.

So upon reading this I realized I didn't have the friends I thought...but also I havnt been a very good friend either.

And on further reflection.....I love you all ( How Benevolent of )  Hey I feel like I could get used to this friend thing.

Have a nice day :-)

caroli9 caroli9
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1 Response Jan 12, 2007