Finding Friend Is Hard

Finding friends is hard because of the whole trust issue that comes with getting older. I tried signing up to a thing called face book. I thought talking to some of my old friends from school would be fun and rekindle some old friendships. I was wrong and only lead me to disappointment because they didn’t grow up. I am not saying I am better but I wished they did something more then still lived at home or gotten a better job then still working at Wal-Mart. Haha. I found they had become very material based people and forgot about the things that really count in life.
It’s hard to find people that nice and open to talk to because I find people are so set in there ways they will not like you if you have a different point of view.
Since moving to California I have not made one friend, not one. This is unheard of for me because I am such a bubbly person to begin with.


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i would love to live in the mountains here but because i work i cannot. i have to remain in the city it is also hard because i normally have more friends but not this time. i think the string of bad people i have met destroyed my will to meet new people here

H-m-m-m have lived here for years and this is not the first time I have heard this. If you dont paraglide, participate in some group hobby of some sort. Then you need to get off the beaten path a little. Our mountain communities are lots friendlier for instance.<br />
Good luck,<br />

I hope i will love Texas but i guess i will find out soon. 39 days and counting ... yep counting down

Hey thanks luckygurl, i hope so!<br />
37 days and counting to the big move.

You'll like Texas. Lots of friendly people live in Texas. You will be just fine.

Haha <br />
Its all good, not to worry, made me stop and think for a second. It is hard for me rate now because i never stayed in the states this long before. Things are different in canada. You are right there is not much to do here, i am thankfuly moving in 6 weeks to dallas, tx.

I am not sayin your needy, It can just come off that way when your searchin for a trustworthy friend. I am such a jerk sometimes. Anyways Your in a tough town I flew into the Naval reserve base there when I was a marine. I rememer there wasn't much there to do

Jamcojay your right no one want to talk to a needy person and trusting will come later. when i first moved here to san jose i have had many bad experiences and it’s gotten me a little on edge.

Don't look so hard for trustworthy friends. Just look for some people to get to know, the trustworthy thing will come later. No one wants to hang with the needy girl right off the bat. It's kinda wierd, This comes from experience.