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I Need True Friends ...

I'm just a girl who needs good friends ...
Not the one who wants to take advantage of me ...
Why good friendship is so difficult to find in our society nowadays ?
I still wonder ...


Now I have found some of them ...
In a place so far from my home ...
And I have learned ...
That friendship has nothing to do with race ...
But Love & Understanding ...
I've finally found them when I stopped looking
They're not so far from you
I believe friendship is more or less similar to love
Only friends Love but Lovers do more than that ...
I wish you all well & enjoy friendships ...


DollyDiva DollyDiva 26-30, F 54 Responses Jan 21, 2009

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I know where your coming from. I live in a very small town and the people here more or less stay to theirselves. If you do reach out to them they act like snobbish or something. Most of them here are retired and maybe that's why. My husband works a lot so it's just me and my dogs and cats. Still I would really like to have someone to speak too and share things with, ideas, so on.

am looking for a true friend my number +2347062349567

A friend like you is like finding a silver heart in a basket full of gold

Im looking for friends too :o)

I know how you are feeling. I've been there. I didn't had friends but now I have lots, what changed me was the love.
I can't say everybody is my friend, but the ones who respect and love me are and that's enough for me.
Better have around me a few people who know me then 1 billion who don't.

Making friends is way better than making enemies :)

Sometimes I feel the same too like I have no one but believe me, many people feel the same way. Actually we are not alone. I am not alone and you neither. Why dont we be friends? it would be nice right? Many times we expect a friend who we can always meet in person and hang out with but that doesnt mean they are good friends. A friend who is actually always there for you, listens when you have problem and consoles when you are sad, that's the most important.

I totally agree with you, I have no more friend's I lost all of mine two years ago and my last two friends moved away. So besides having my mom I have no one.

I need some life. People i can trust and be able to talk to. contact me on skype my skype name nasir.ali188

True friends themselves are far and few. You made not realize it, but some of the friends that you possibly have right now could be true friends to you. Myself, I only have one friend that is true to me, but that's because I'm shy. The ones that are really good are the ones that share traits with you and make you feel happy being with. <br />
Although if you need a friend (not to sound weird), then I could be one of yours if you want. I'm a nice a person :P

I need some great friends. People i can trust and be able to talk to.

Maybe you're right ...

you only meet 1 or 2 true friends in a life time these are the people who dont want they just give.

So you try to sell stuffs here or what?<br />
wrong place ...

Exactly ...

thank you for being a friend to all . and i am glad you found yours friend . i know what it like when you do not have or go away .

I have found it already !<br />
<br />
I wrote this story long time ago and now I've found many friendships here somewhere so far from my home. My second home :)

i have the same feeling.once upon a time i didn't tust anyone and kept myself alone. but later i found that no one is perfect even me. i hold things too tough to get them. now i thingk everybody has a aspect of honesty or something like kindness. this world is still good but you have not found it yet.

Sure .. you are always welcomed here as far as I know :)

i didnt read ur hole storz but im realz shz n all that...I have one bff n two friends at school but im almost alwazs alone..thinking...:(..idk....i wanna be ur friends n have friends here ...:)...:**

I am a true friend, in which even at 27 years old I can't say anyone has ever really appreciated. I relate to your post. Well Said.

I've currently found one very good friend. She's much older than me but age doesn't matter at all. I'm so grateful to get to know her.

i need true friend whom i can share my problems and he or she can share their i m feeling lonly life sometime true friends hard to find it

I wish that too :(

I know EXACTLY how you feel....I only have one good friend who I know I can trust, and I would do almost anything for a good friend who I know I can talk to whenever I want to. I also agree with lostprophet, who's pretty much summed it up - loud, judgemental people who compete slyly and always compare themselves. It's who you are, not what you are, guys! I wish more people could see that.

Only one best friend is better than 100 fake friends ..

I need a friend from any part of the word am 28 from Tanzania the friend that we can share ideas in studies and other

well youre not the only one whos having difficulty,look at me i have only a few good friends that i can rarely c,one traveled the other one is like 3 hours away the only way i can reach them is through the phone or internet, as for people close by, they are only selfish and have their own life and i can't seem to reach them...loneliness is only the way you wish to see it, as long as there's one person you can truly talk to you can consider yourself luck

I would love to be your friend too, Then let's be ;)

Hey, I'd like to be your friend, and I've been in your situation before because I moved away from my lifelong friends so I could experience new adventures and i had to make new friends.

It doesnt matter how you look, you are so nice already to offer the true friendship :)

Hey i can be your true friend. i look more like Tom Cruise and lil bit like shrek or maybe the isnt tat a killer combination.?

You can message me anytime .. <br />
<br />

I have been in my relationship for almost six years. Before him, I had lots of friends. Then, he was my best friend. Now, we share NOTHING! But, I just can't leave. There is something seriously wrong with me, because I am a very outgoing, social, funny person who loves people. HELP!

Somehow, long after I wrote this story, I'm more mature and I'm doing fine with everything in life including friendship :)

U know when a good friend comes. The energy they have ur attracted go each other right away. As or the jealousy. Jealousy comes in many different ways I was jealous of my friends new bath tub. I was gracious and got over it. The best part I didn't even tell ne one that's when Jealousy is okay.

U know when a good friend comes. The energy they have ur attracted go each other right away. As or the jealousy. Jealousy comes in many different ways I was jealous of my friends new bath tub. I was gracious and got over it. The best part I didn't even tell ne one that's when Jealousy is okay.

I belive that if you want get a good frinds you have to search your self which means ,am i good person for ather ?am i undersatnd other interest?...... then u ask u'r god.

Kerina, the best I can say is that value yourself .. don't give the **** with people who don't see you in their eyes .. they are blind .. Just be happy and love youself ;)<br />
<br />
xoxo,<br />

hey my story i finished school two years ago. studying and working but i cant seem to make new frend. my so 'called frnds' dnt like my bf and after school its like im alwys left out if i don call they dont bother. i really dont no how to deal wit this im always upset wen i see that im left out my bf kwns hw i feel but nobdy else knws. i really need some tips its like im holding on to a frndship thats isn ther.

Thats so true, nobody wants to be lonely ..<br />
<br />
Stay strong,<br />

I agree im a 19 year old girl with barely a social life because i have no friends it really sucks. but when i try to find good friends they leave you for a guy, put you down to look beeter in front of a guy it really sucks. i just want a friend to share stories with and things like that that friends do.. go out and be us.... i use to have that in my younger years but my best friend statred acting diffrent and just i dont even know her any more :( I am going to try my best to find them.. every one needs a friend.

Welcome .. at least 1 still remains ,, just like mine ..<br />
<br />

I know what you mean. I am the same. I have a lot of acquaintances but not too many outside of family that I would lean on in a time of need. That is a bit worrisome. In University I had the type of friends that had your back. In fact, we had a "Never leave your wingman" philosophy that I really miss. It was good knowing that if trouble came along there were people who would stand by you just because. After school, we all spread out around the globe. Only 1 still remains a close friend. Damn, thanks for bringing this memory back.

Its not that I dont have friends .. I do have a lot but I feel like they arent true friends .. (this is not ep friends but offline friends) .. However, thks for your understanding :)

To find friends you need to be a good friend. Not that you aren't Dolly but sometimes its hard to find the time to be a good friend or even the time to meet new people. If you follow your interests, they may lead you to people who share your values which is as good a place to start as any. From there it takes time and shared experiences. How can you trust someone unless you've been able to test it out? I know I get stuck in my rut of work, kids, family, and rarely get out with my friends. The friends I do have have their own ruts, some drift off, others fade, and the ones left sometimes sometimes feel so distant. Damn, now I feel like I need more friends.

i agree ..true friendship is hard to be found

Miggy & Kitty,,<br />
<br />
we were born to support and love each other ,,<BR>that's the only thing we all could live in peace and happiness,, so sad we couldnt make this so simple wish become truth,, as we arent pure as snow but dirty as coal instead lol,, Still I admire many ppl who keep their goodness and good-hearted for other ppl in the society,, I am lucky enough that own such those diamonds,, and guess you r the one ;)

Youre right sis,this world is evil...

because ppl are douchebags!! :"(

yeah,, you wrote it so true and beautiful,, "True friends is there for you rain or shine , no feelings of envy, jealousy.. and be there when you are down and ready to listen and comfort you when you are unhappy,, It is the way of gave and take,, " I am happy we could fulfill the need of each other ;) <br />
<br />
hugs & much loves

I truely agree with you babe. True friends is there for you rain or shine , no feelings of envy, jealousy.. and be there when you are down and ready to listen and comfort you when you are unhappy,, It is the way of gave and take,, I like a friend who have a good sense of humour, nonjudgemental, a good listener, not a user and very understanding. I do the same way it is about showing respect to each other.

I agree! the only good friends (true ones) I've found have been found in treatment centers! Ok I only have one true friend and I love her to death. She lives hours by plane away from me :(<br />
<br />
I agree with lostprophet. I hate that. Where I live is polluted with women like that. They want nothing more than to be your friend in hopes to bring you down and take what they can get from you.<br />
<br />
Where is our society gone to?

I agree, seems like friendship is based on loud judgemental girls who compete against each other and slyly put each other down and constantly compair theirselves to each other...well that's my point of view.