The Overwhelming Silence...

I don't think I can take it any longer.  I'm trapped within these four walls waiting...just waiting for my life to begin again...waiting for a friend.  Someone that's real.  Someone to rescue me when I feel alone.  A real friend that I can tell everything to.  I use to think my friends were the type of people that would be there through thick and thin.  But, I realize that this isn't true.  They have all abandoned me.  I wait for them to pick up the phone...answer an email.  But, they never do.  So here I am once more on a lonely night...waiting...hoping...praying...for them to understand that their silence is slowly killing me...

lifelover777 lifelover777
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10 Responses Jan 22, 2009

I feel the same way you do. I hate being alone

Get out and just have fun or relax. Just go out and sit somewhere and drink coffee or something. Get out there and show yourself friendly.

hey dr....<br />
nw im also ur gud friend......whnevr u need a friend thn lt m knw......

You have found a friend here, if you want me....I am in the same boat and would love to help you paddle upstream. Message me if you would like to.

I know it's hard to cope at times.I have no real friends since I moved four yoers ago and I too am trapped and very lonely for a true blue friend. I want to be able to share up's and down's and have someone who"ll be there but not for just myself but for each other

i have no friends too. my life is going down. i need someone. i so want to have some changes.

i feel the same way.... i'll be your friend if u want :)

All I can truely say is, i feel you. sounds like you're reading my heart.

Seriously, if you need somebody to chat with, hit me up anytime. I usually can't sleep, so I try to find stuff to do online. So I'll be here.

No need to be so disconsolate ........ I am new to EP ..... so what do want to say...