Very Lonely...

I consider my self a very friendly person, I'm 36 years old and I had great friends where I lived before; I moved to the city where I live now about 8 years ago and I've been struggling in finding new friends.  I hate to admit it but I feel very lonely.  I got to the point where I have no friends to talk with or to share experiences with.  I've met several people but I have not been able to find people that I would consider to be my friends. 

I guess it's hard to be "friends" with people that only see you as a potential customer or the "witch" that may try to steel your husband!!

I met a few women that I like a lot at the beginning, they were very nice to me and seemed to be interested in become my friends (at least that's what I thought) until I realized that  they just wanted to be my beauty or health suppliers or sell anything that required me to be a member of a multi-level sales company.  I hate it!!  I got so disappointed and sad. 

Then I joined a christian church in my community. I got involved in a lot of activities and I was having a spiritual retreat for all I can say.  I met a few women there and I wanted to be their friend so I started to attend the women ministry meetings to get to know them better.  I was so happy because I felt accepted and appreciated by all these wonderful women and then boom!!!! I got involved in a very sad and embarrassing gossip that I would like to erase from my memory if I could. 

I had to stop attending the church  since the pastor's son got a huge crush on me, his wife found out and left him since it was probably the third time that the guy cheated on her.  I didn't even notice anything until one of my "friends" told me what was going on.  I had no clue about how this happened! Suddenly everybody started to stop talking to me and I felt like I was being judged  and found guilty for something I didn't do.  I wast just looking for friends and spiritual comfort in that place.  I never had the intention to be the cause of such an embarrassing problem.  At the end, I had to get away from the Church to avoid contact with this guy and I lost all my new friends because of this.

I'm married and I have a great relationship with my husband but I need friends. I find my self very discourage and sad because I feel betrayed and left behind.  I don't want to become a bitter woman who thinks that there are not sincere woman out there to be friends with.  Obviously with my experiences I've become more careful now about how to get close with people.   

I would like to find ways to search for friends without getting in trouble with the world... any ideas??

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I'm 37 years old and married too. maybe we have stuff in common.

Life can be so messed up sometimes. It seems like every time something good and wonderful is happening, something awful comes along to snuff it out. Going to Church should be uplifting and good, yet *** only takes one nasty person to mess it up with lies and contempt. I'd find another Church and hope for the best. Church for you was a good thing and it would be a shame to let that go because of others.

I need friends to, but I am in washington,