Y Me

I really hate my life. Ive never really kept friends in my life. the ones that i did have stay around for a while then its something they do that i find it hard for me to forgive. I feel like i give my all to my friends and get to emotionally envovle just to show them that im a god friend but i wonder am i. I feel like like sometimes if that friend gets mad i dont want to make them mad so i do whatever it takes to make it better. But i feel like when i get done wrong i suppose to be quick to forgive. Well damn i cant stand it anymore. ive always wanted to have alot of friends but never do. Im at the point where i feel like i punishing my kids because i dont have anybody with friends their age to play with. I just feel like i can kill myself and make it all better. Im so deppressed. i dont want to be with out friends i feel like im a good friend but dont nobody want to be my friend or anything else. i hope i lived to get over this but i have a really good feeling i want.

winiryan winiryan
26-30, F
Mar 15, 2010