God Says "I will forgive you"

I need God to love me because I am most in need of Him. "God Most High, says "O my servants, all of you are sinners except those whom I protect from sin. Seek my forgiveness and I will forgive you. All of you are in need except for those whom I make independent. I am Most Generous, Majestic and I do whatever I will. My giving is a word and My punishment is a word. When I want a thing to happen I merely say to it "Be! and it is."" Chain of Narration: (Revealed through Muhammad, the last prophet of God) (Relayed from Muhammad through his companion Abu Dharr) (Recorded in the collection of the prophetic sayings of Imam Ahmad) O God! Please forgive me for committing sins and injustice to myself and others. O God! Please protect me and strengthen my soul to avoid more sins. O God! I depend on You on all my affairs. Nothing do I fear when You are with me... Nothing can harm me without Your permission....Please protect me from harm O Lord Most High the Creator of the Universe and Everything else that are beyond my gnosis.
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That was said in the meaning that YOU must FORGIVE yourself and the others.

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Thank you so much for your prayer. May God give you the strength to let go of every fear and anxiety, and trust in Him completely. And the same to me. Amin. The path chosen by God is the safest path indeed.