Beholding God Everyday

"Beholding the Divine is of two sorts: that of the eye and that of the heart. In this world, the beholding of the heart is had by many of the "Arifeen"(The knower of God) and consists of looking at contingent things, created beings that they do not exist through themselves, but rather exist through God, and when the greatness of God occurs to one, contingent things dwindle to nothing in one's view, and are erased from one's thought, and the Real dawns upon one's heart, and it is as if one beholds. This is termed the "beholding of the heart". The beholding of the eye in this world is only for the Chosen One, the Prophet. As for the next world, it shall be for all believers. God Most High says: "On that day faces shall be radiant, gazing upon their Lord." Koran 75:22 (Quotation from Sheikh Noah Keller) (Muslim scholars are divided on their opinions about whether or not Muhammad saw God face to face during his ascent to the Heavens.)
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Jun 12, 2007