I Am Hurting And Need Help

I am 8 months pregnant. I just discovered something about my husband that is driving me nuts. We are both born again Christians. Before we got married there is this lady that my husband expressed interest in but later said he was not serious about it and I believed him. Yesterday the same lady called and told me to tell my husband to stop making advances at her. She claimed my husband told her she's the lady of her age, that he never loved me but just married me since the lady turned him down and that in fact I am older than him. The lady also accompanied my husband to our house while I was at work and says my husband showed her around the house including our bedroom. My husband on the other hand denies all these claims and calls the lady a devil. There is so much more I have not written. I love my husband and have trusted him for the 9 months we've been together but I don't know what to do anymore. Could someone please tell me what to do because I am confused?

cecerynne cecerynne
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2 Responses Feb 8, 2010

I think your husband is lying to you. You say the lady called you? If she did, she is willing to talk to you. Contact her and tell he you don't know who to believe and ask her to describe the inside of your house. If she can, there is your answer.
If he is lying to you, well, it is your choice if you want to live with that. But I will tell you now, if he will deny this to such a degree and call her a devil, this will NOT be the last time he cheats or tries to. If you can't trust him, believe me, you can hardly live with him. And don't think for one second that the baby will change a damn thing.

I donĀ“t know what to say, but right now you should watch every step of your husband to confirm if he says the true,