Evil Giggle

A controlling no bounds guy is hard to find, so I rarely give a man the time of day.  Vanilla is so boring.  Most vanilla men are shocked and think they are doing an awesome when i squirt/gush.  they have no clue.  So, instead of playing the scene...i am remaking my life since my Dom released me with no money and no where to live..i have learned to make my own life instead of always trying to please someone and work and give them my money.  I now am starting a special project.  I am going to make my own lover.  I play on a sex site.  I love to cam ho.  There is a man less then half my age nearby that messaged me.  He is a nice guy...totally not my type.  I am going to teach him how to have sex.  How to appear the man, and how to be a bad boy.  I am going to teach him how to kiss bringing out the desire of a woman.  i am unsure if i may teach how to be a Dom...what i crave...but I can teach how to be forceful, demanding and carnel.  Yet another boytoy *sigh*  but this one i will mold.  He will learn to use my floggers and whips.  sucks when a guy goes into my toybag and pulls out a quirt and tries to use it and stings up my back to the nape of the neck with no warming up!  talk about a buzzkill!  He is pratically a virgin...i can hardly wait!

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Some men know how to dominate!

he was too young. he slacked off. met and just did a dry run basically. only showed him a few things. like where to pull hair when you pull and where to spank to give pleasure and not stinging pain. dude does not even know how to kiss. he just kind of fell off the face of the earth then almost a year later he messages me while i am camming saying hi and missed you i have been busy. he is so full of excuses. not tolerating it. i do not sleep around and this was a special thing. he blew it

I'm training a vanilla BF in his early 40's. It's difficult because he is always afraid to hurt me. He has stepped it up a little but won't go any farther. I found though...that even though it's not as carnal as I crave... he loves me and loves me regardless of all of my flaws and damage. I don't feel I need the pain/dom as much as I once did.

BDSM should come with a good personal insurance lol.<br />
I concur with BigM, try an older crowd for better result because first, you don't want to have a damaged soul on your conscience (let someone else do it), second, you don't want his mom after you!

well it sucked. this apple pie dude does not even know how to kiss correctly. i got off a lot but no bells rung and i marked up his back big time by accident! we were both snarfed. poor fella

huh...never thought of that...damn...gee thanks for the heads up!!!!!!!

good luck... this young generation has no social skills in person thanks to the internet. <br />
You might have a blank slate, but in my dalliances with younger girls, I have found that they have no problem txting or emailing the dirty thoughts that run through them, but in person, cannot handle the heat. Only once have I come across a young girl who truly enjoyed the feeling of being subdued by a Man, and I think it was because she had been damaged as a child (in a bad way).<br />
I find the 35-45 crowd much more fun, as they know what they want and where they want it. My wife falls in that category, and we fit together well, with her wants and my desires dovetailing. <br />
Create your Frankenstein... just be careful that he knows this is for you, and that girls his age might cry assault if he tries it too fast with them.