Step Son Trouble

My boy friend and I have been together for almost three years and his son is continuously posing to be a challenge for me, I guess that’s me trying to be nice I should just be real considering I am looking for some help. Let me start over,

My boyfriend and I have been together for almost three years and his son has been very rude and hurtful to myself and my daughter for most of the whole relationship he hits and teases my daughter and he makes fat jokes about me all the time. At one point about 6 months ago I was feed up and said to my boyfriend if you don’t say something to him I will, and I can promise you I will not be nice about it. After that I have not had any problems like I said for about 6 months then of course just when I think I'm getting some where I took all three kids my daughter his daughter and his son out of town we had an amazing time I made sure all kids new they where loved and praised them with small gifts for being so wonderful on our trip as soon as we got home this kid started in on me again. I was so upset and truly hurt I had just exhausted myself making sure he and others had a great time spent $ I did not have to spend and this kid might as well have slap me in the face when he started talking trash out of nowhere.

I guess I 'm just really disappointed and in the long run I would like to combined our families and I truly would love to marry this man, but I cant amgen wanting to deal with this any more at all

I would pop my daughter in the mouth if she ever talked to an adult the way this kid talks to me and most defiantly she would get popped if she disrespected her soon to be step father.

I realize I need to talk to his father, but what do I do to get threw this… like I am starting to feel like I really am not liking this child and I feel horrible for even being able to say that, but I can only take so much. thanks for listening, and thanks for any advice.

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How old is the child?<br />
Does he have contact with his natural mother?<br />
This is a common jealousy treat with step children. They resent the fact that you are there and are acting out to show their rebellion.<br />
<br />
Dad is AFRAID to step in fear of having the son turn against him.<br />
<br />
If I am on target, let me know, I can expand on this.