Worried Mum!

My daughter aged 23, is shortly to join the british Army as a forward  observation post assistant and will end up in afghanistan.  Please, please, can someone tell me more about this role and exactly what it entails.  I need the truth and not just stories.  I cannot sleep at night through worry.  Although I am proud of her for joining the army I am not convinced this is the right job.  Her first choice of job has no vacancies at present and so she is hoping to transfer after a year or two.  Please help me!


Many Thanks

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1 Response Feb 12, 2009

Well "Observation post assistant" <br />
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in army there are many people who observe different things during war on front line but you did not mentioned that your daughter is Gunner Obersvation Post Assistant or some thing else.. if she is GOPA then her duty will beke locating the enemy and directing fire from guns, missiles, mortars, aircraft and attack helicopters onto targets etc....<br />
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But she is in Afghanistan.. i think Afghanistan is a very difficult place to fight .. i live near Afghanistan and i know what kind of difficulties army faces there against Taliban.. and we can say in Afghanistan you online come in for losing not for wining , its a history .. Russian faught eight years there but got nothing and same will be happened with USA and his allies ... so you should tell your daughter that she take xtra care in field .. rite.. <br />
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Best of luck for her...<br />
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