Lonely & Depressed

1 am a middle age man,depressed lonely and needing love.15 years seperated & divorced. i dont want this for the rest of my life. Am i the only one?

Adi01 Adi01
46-50, M
4 Responses Mar 14, 2010

You are not alone. Been seperated for little over a year now. Haven't been doing to well with it but you have your good days. I hope you find someone. Juast wanted you to know you are not alone. Stay strong.

I hope every day gets better.Depression is complicated. Don't give up or give in to it.

Thanks.Bad day yesteday.Seems clearer today.Sadly thats what depression does for you.Tomorrow might be different

No..There are more people living your lifestyle then you can imagine.Not everyone does well as a single person. Some love it & it agrees with their personality.I hope people comment so you realize there's a ton of lonliness going around.