Where Is Home?

i need help deciding where i should live. i know its a big one! I'm from malaysia and i'm currently living in New Zealand for studies. I will be done with uni in about 7 weeks and i cant stop wondering where i should be next. I want to travel but living in new zealand is pretty expensive and as much as i enjoy living here, i want to take what i've learnt and apply it in malaysia in terms of learning policy, and social work. but at the same time malaysia is only just developing and pay is minimum but its where i want to make a change. i dont know if its a strong enough motivation for me to go home, or maybe i'm just terrified to take the risk. i guess, i've associated going home as a form of regression, childishness, dependance. i know its petty, but this is going to perpetuate everything else in my life. i have made friends here, lovely people and back home it wasnt as easy for me to make friends but my family is there. i guess i need to just take a leap of faith and go for it, whatever "it" may be. i just want to be the adult i always dreamnt of being, independant, strong, focused and responsible. so yea, that's a pickle! so if anyone could just help see it clearer that would be great, i appreciate the outside looking in point of view! thanks!
vaicariousninja vaicariousninja
Nov 6, 2012