Whether To Quit Or Stay In This Field

in September 09 i quit my job, it was depressing, i was always alone, no future there basically, and i hated it.  i felt like my soul was dying.

I quit without having another job lined up.  it was exciting, i figured i could spend some time finding what i really want to do.  However by some strange chance someone I know offered me a job, the offer was quite good - trainee financial advisor, they would pay for all my exams, train me on the job, no interview....  i thought this was too good to turn down.  and anyways i figured if I don't like it i can always leave, its not like I had anything better to do.

I have been here 4 months now.  Passed probation.  and i hate it.

I agree the job has fantastic prospects, instead of giving advice i can always stay on the admin side and still earn a good wage. great future. loads of exams, this is something i could really work hard for and do well in.  all the exams would add to 2 years that i have to stay here, once my exams start i will be tied in, it would be a long term commitment, may have to stay here a couple of years after i qualify too.

BUT i have no motivation, its a very small company so its lonely, same as my previous place, my total talking time in a day probably adds up to like one hour!  we are not that busy which i hate, i love working under pressure.  I wanted something which i love, I don`t love this.

 My dilemma is ...

1) should i just stick it out and stay here for 2 years, gain the experience and ignore these depressive feelings in the faith that once i am qualified I can work in a bigger company here i would enjoy it more.

2) should I stay here for a few months, maybe get my experience up to 1 year then find a similar role.... i would have to do the exams in my own time though and i would pay for them - that`s not a problem.

3) start looking for another job now in a different field, do what i would have done had i not got this job.   but stay here in the mean time til i find something.

I've never known what to do all my life... does anyone else feel like this?  theres some people who are lucky they know what they want and from a young age and they work towards it.  but i just don`t know what career to get into.  financial services is ok, but its not my passion, but i can do it for the sake of doing.

Thanks all. 


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1 Response Feb 9, 2010

The scheduling at my job at Safeway has been a problem to me since day 1.

Thanks for replying. I have just logged in more than 2 years after making my post and realised no one responded how funny. Ironic as it is, I ended up staying in the same company, and have been job hunting for the last 2 months going to interviews.

My main reason for only staying at Safeway, is because of my health insurance.

can you not do private health insurance?