The Marriage Knot

Hello my name is larry and I came up with a new product called the marriage knot.We all know the old saying that when we get married we are going to tie the knot on our wedding day.I have been trying to get it out on the market I have spent about $10.000 dollors for promotions and got took for the money from a company called Davison Desing & Development,Inc.Come to find out they have took other  people for there $ also.I know the marriage knot would be a great product to get out on the market.Lady's  would see it just like the gartar belt they got to have it on there wedding day.Just don't know what to do anymore don't have the funds to keep going with my dream.So If anyone out there thinks my dream is great product for the wedding market and would like % of ownership on my dream e-mail me               To see the marriage knots go to my website              Thank you LARRY            CAN DREAMS REALY HAPPEN

themarriageknot themarriageknot
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1 Response Mar 13, 2010

It looks like a good product, Larry, and very reasonably priced. I am sorry you blew your money on that bunch of shysters. Unfortunately, there are more predatory promoters out there than there are products.<br />
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Might I suggest you create a male version of this knot also? <br />
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I would also suggest you make some links with the "Hen's Night", "Bridal Shower", "Buck's Party" markets, as this seems like an ideal low-priced gift for such occasions.<br />
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I wish I had some spare cash to invest in your Dream, Larry. Best of luck!