Need To Pay Off My Debt Asap

I got involved in a pyramid scheme and got myself in serioius debt - well, it's serious for a family on welfare.  I have a working debt payback plan, and am successfully eating away at my debt's principle, and we think in about seven year's time we will get it all paid off in full.  I'm really looking forward to this day.  I understand the mistake that I made, and am quite embarrassed fro falling for such a scam, but my family has known my upline for 20 years, and she is involved in part-time mistry in a soup kitchen/church service with my husband.  That's why we trusted her so much.  As a result I won't touch MLM ever again.  

Right now I'm trying to do a bit of social networking, and I'm currently on three sites that pays pennies a day but it's still a start.  I've tried referral/affiliate marWeketing for a year and found out it wasn't my area of expertise.  I'm hoping to network or get some financial assistance from others, perhaps complete tasks, anything.  I've tried surveys and found that they don't have too many surveys available for me, so I gave that up after months of working hard on them and not earning anything.  

I suppose we are in this group for the same reason.  I hate asking for handouts, but now I'm willing to do almost anything to try to beat down my debt.  LOL I feel like asking for $10,000 from someone!!! heh.  My debt is $22,000 now but hey, ten grand will give me a boost! :-p

I'm setting up a blog and am hoping to publish it soon, it'll talk about my social networking sites that pay, and am trying my hand at writing articles as well.  I've tried a bunch of article sites and settled on Triond, seems to be one that's best suited for me.  

I would also like to encourage you guys that you're not alone, there's many people like us.  But I know in time, we will find a way out of our financial situation.  You can even drop me a message if you would like help in budgeting, I'm willing to share with you all that I know, and what truly does work.  And no, it doesn't have anything to do with investing or special credit cards, just plain old common sense.  That's it.  LOL this is funny, I came here seeking help and here I am offering help.  
Masihi Masihi
31-35, F
Feb 21, 2011