Bad Experiences With So Called Friends...

My brother and my friends boyfriend said they would help him get on his feet. So he went to live at their house, they made a deal with him to purchase a sherrif sale. They did this. then thru him out on short notice. they put the deed in the boyfriends name and opened a checking account in his name and told my brother that he needed to deposit his paychecks to this account. He is a waiter.... the boyfriend said he would help him fix the place up. He helped alright in Nov. of this year he came to help removed the toilet, sink. there is holes in the side of the house that needs to be boarded up or the heat escapes.The boyfriend paid the electric bill of 700.00. out of the account. He will not let my brother have a copy of the bank statement.
My brother is living in a 5x8 room with a little dog. Crapping in a five gallon bucket, taking a spongebath in a five gallon bucket thats freezing water.
To beat it all the friend sides with the boyfriend.....Wat the hay
angelwing2062 angelwing2062
Dec 21, 2011