I Need Help, Advice, Support, Anything At This Point

Me and my boyfriend have been dating for 2 and a half years. He left for a whole year to wisconsin but moved back. He hated it there, was miserable and even tried to hurt himself. He has advanced arthritis and has had 4 knee surgeries, 2 while he was awake!!! He's 17 and currently moved back here, in florida. Only thing is his parents are saying theyre going to leave in may when he graduates. he found this out a few days ago and has furiously been trying to get a job. Even with the part-time job he may get he can't pay a morgage, electricity, phone, and water bill. Were both terrified. Not to mention how hard it is to get a job here. I'm 18 and it took months upon months to get a job but I got fired because I couldnt work fast enough for the fast food industry. Were so afraid hell be homeless when they leave. He refuses to try to go with them because the pain up there for him is excrutiating and he says hed rather die homeless here than go through that pain again. His parents really dont care, every day they threaten to leave in the middle of the night. His father can very well get him a job where he works but refuses to saying if he cant get a job himself he dosent deserve one and hes not a man. Theyre very abusive towards him and seriously dont care. Theyve sat there and laughed when hes crying in so much pain from the cold. They taunt and tease him. they occasionally hit him but havent been recently. I'm so afraid that he'll be homeless. My mother wouldn't take him in because of my sisters old mistakes and i dont know what to do. Please any bit of advice or help or support would be greatly appreciated.
FireryHysteria FireryHysteria
18-21, F
Feb 6, 2012