My Home Is Just A House Now.

I have not lived in my home since July 19, 2011. Water damaged from an air conditioner in the attic leaked down through the entire house. This caused moisture and mold. Two restoration companies came in and destroyed the rest of the house including our furniture and clothes, all of our belongings except for glass. We have lived in hotels for 51 days and then a townhouse. Now our insurance company has given us a deadline of March 8th to move out. The lawyer we hired actually got ill when he came to inspect the house. He said, “This is a one in a million case. In his 20 years of practicing law he has never seen anything like this”. Now he sounds like he is giving up before starting but took our money which unfortunately we had to borrower.

I have COPD and asthma and just had to have a stent put in the main artery to my heart this past January. My doctors have written letters to the lawyer, insurance company and the restoration companies stating they do not want me to move back into the house until it is completely taken down to the bare studs because of the possibility of black mold, blown installation, plaster dirt, etc. coming down from attic. The ceilings, floors and walls were torn down through out the house due to the restoration companies. I actually saw them standing on my beds with no protection. I said, “what in God’s name are you doing to my house.” I try very hard never to use the Lord’s name in vain but that day I surely did.

There is so much more to this story that I just don’t want to burden you with nor do I know how to explain it in letter form.

If someone can just tell me how to get someone to help us with advise or how to get financial help, I would greatly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.
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Feb 11, 2012