I Need Financial Help Asap

I had a mini stroke last year and cannot return to wrok due to my helath problems. I need help paying for my meds, my car has broken down. Been waiting for some help from SSI and right now have been turned down had to reapply and waiting it has been a long wait. Need money to help pay some rent, cause I ambeing ask to leave the hose where I am, have no where to go will be homeless when they put me out, haven't paid since March, 2012 ran out of the money I had. Need my car because I have problems with my hip and walking.
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Hi I am newly saved women who have made some mistake but never felt that I deserved this. I got married to someone that was very unsupporting and his money was his and I was to have my own. I should have left him but I didn't we had just had a son and I had to go back to Work and if I didn't how was I going provide for my children because I also had a son previous to my new child. I filed fir foodstamps and daycare and I was charged with daycare and foodstamp fraud because I stayed with this person who was very abusive and selfish now I can't even take care of myself are my children .I am not going to be a felon. Please give advice ..

I'm so sorry I feel for you. I pray that things have gotten better. My heart goes out to you...