I Don't Know What To Do

My daughter passed away yesterday due to heart failure. She had a growth on her heart, and she didnt recover the right way from her surgery. I need to get together some funeral arrangements soon but I lost my job in the process of taking care of her all the time and making multiple trips per day to the hospital and pretty much have no money or any family to help me. I can't take out any loans because I still have school loans to pay back. I have been applying for jobs everywhere but seems that all the seasonal jobs are already taken. I hate to ask for help as I know many other people are struggling but it is super expensive and I pretty much have no where else to turn, any little bit would help even 0.50 or $1. If anybody can help http://ericanewman.chipin.com/lizzies-funeral-arrangements. Thank you.
dreamingdisaster dreamingdisaster
18-21, F
Dec 21, 2012