I would normally NEVER ask anyone for any sort of money, it goes against everything I believe, but I'm desperate now. I've been with my boyfriend over a year and a half and he's agoraphobic so he can't come to me. He's been getting sicker and sicker over the past few months, and his doctor thinks it may be cancer (either stomach or lung) and I don't have the means to get to him to help him through this. I don't even need much, enough to renew my passport (he is in Canada, I'm in the US) and enough money for a bus ticket. I would find a job but at the moment I'm taking care of my elderly grandmother and just don't have time to look for a job. I'm 24, still live at home because of it, my parent's refuse to give me the money and I don't know what else to do.. We're both so terrified that something is going to happen without ever seeing each other.. I've begged and pleaded with my dad to give me the money and he just won't. My mother doesn't want me to leave the house, she automatically assumes anyone you meet on the internet is a terrible person and that my boyfriend only wants to hurt me. The mountain of anxiety and stress that's being piled on top of me is only getting bigger..

Thank you for listening to my story, and any help that anybody could give would be greatly appreciated.

-April P.
bufy99 bufy99
26-30, F
Aug 23, 2014