I Hate My Life..

I hate my mother she is always treating me like a child I"m 15 years old!I have been molsted twice too...and I have been abused my an ex bf badly. I've runaway twice, the 2nd time I did though I was almost kindapped and there was alest 6 guys in that car. My mother yells at me for everything and doesn't listen listen to me nor cares about my feelings. I want to die!! I have cutted myself many times, but my ex Cody made me stop, but I think of death alot, my mom made me break up with Cody just because she don't like him, he is the only guy that has treated me with real love without thinking I would have sex with him. My life is soo messed up! I'm always having someone watching me even at School! for my mother! I have tried killing myself..I have old deep cuts still on my body, I cry myself to sleep every night almost because of memories and all the pain. I have no freedom at all, I'm a traped angel with her wings cut off throwen away and chained to a wall so I can't get away. I WANT TO DIE!!! help me!!

Codysgirl Codysgirl
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2 Responses Feb 18, 2009

hey, i get wat ur going through, a lot more than most people. really. i understand the whole self-pity part too. if you ever want to talk to me you can, because i wont just judge you and tell you it could be worse and ur just feeling sorry for yourself.

what can I do to help?? Do you want to talk? I have been where you are...I have been raped, have cut myself, and tried to kill myself when I was 16...so I do understand, I really do. I can also tell you that pain really doesn't last forever, though it feels like it might. You need someone to confide in, someone you can talk to face to face. There is only so much a friend online can do, but I can certainly listen. I used to talk with a school counselor...he made a huge difference in my life. It was hard opening up and trusting at first, but you have to make the leap because once you do the rest is easy. Please don't hurt yourself....people do care, even those you may not know yet, like me! :)