Is this safe?
Is it the same in nutrient content to feed a baby?
What is the most effective way to do this?
Do you need to be pregnant?
Is it easier if you've been pregnant before?
Are there expenses involved?
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Would be happy to discuss with you, message me if interested.

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This site will tell you everything you need to know including recipes to help induce lactation.

It may be difficult to induce lactation outside of pregnancy , but some forms of birth control pills may cause lactation. You can buy a pump but I am sure there is a male or two willing to give you assistance

1) yes, it is a natural process ... this presumes that you are not using a pharmaceutical aid like domperidone that I don't subscribe to anyway.

2) not initially, the milk producing glands need time to mature. Once your lactation is self-sustaining and your production is well established it should be equivalent

3) There are many schools of thought about how to go about this. Most of the materials out there IMHO have been "sterilized" vis a' vis the psychosexual aspect of desiring to induce lactation to the point of being useless. If you think about it, except for the topic of wanting to induce lactation for bonding purposes for an adopted baby, there is little else written on the subject i.e. wanting to induce lactation for one's own sexual fulfilment. The physiology of inducing lactation is quite simple in concept: elevate the blood serum levels of the hormones prolactin and oxyticin and the easiest way to accomplish this is regular and deeply erotic stimulation of the breasts and nipples to the point of ****** [and beyond]. I find twice a day as the most "doable". I find the much professed "pumping every 2-4 hours 24/7)" as impractical - nobody but a stay-at-home mom could dedicate that much time to the effort.

I have much more to say about this because there are a lot of psychological considerations that come into play. If you are really interested in exploring this please feel free to message me.

4) No there is no need to be pregnant or have ever been pregnant to pursue this

5) Not necessarily, if you're born a child before it simplifies matters greatly .. at that point it becomes a matter of re-lactation, mush easier to do.

6) If you can afford to rent or buy a hospital grade breast pump like the Medela Symphony that would be wonderful.

Again, feel free to message me and I will be glad to speak of this further with you