I Know He Is Cheating

i have so much evidence it isn't funny, emails, he has atleast 5 email accounts i know of and atleast twenty women he has been chatting with on each, but he denies it, found alot of local girls dating sites on his computer and can see where he has changed the proxy, the https, the names of folders, still denies it all, blames everyyone, but himself. he has said horrible things to me about all of this like i am setting him up, he even accused our daughter of going to these sites, no way, they are at his office on his computer. he swears he doesn't look or chat, but we all have seen it, i am at my wits end, we will have been married 33 years this valentines day and he keeps telling me how much he loves me, but i feel so betrayed and hurt, i have lost all confidence in myself, he has made me feel horrible about myself and my body, i cannot compare to these girls that range from 18-35.
sallyjenn sallyjenn
56-60, F
Jan 8, 2013