My Kids Trigger For Anger Is Asking Them To Do Thier Chores

Whenever I ask my kids to do chores they get angry and rebel and all hell breaks loose. I don't want to fight with my children but I was talking about this with my friend and she gave me some advice. Of course everybody knows that as parents we give negative consequences for negative actions and positive consequences for good actions but I noticed that I always gave them consequences for thier negative actions but I gave them rewards wether they were good or bad, I would take them toboganing or give them hot chocolate or took them swimming now my friend is now telling me that I should only give them those positive rewards when they earned them not just because like I have always done before. Now my friend and I discussed what would happen if they faught with me when I asked them to do one simple chore, she said that they just earned another chore once that one is done, wow we can get the whole house done at that rate lol. I have told them in advance that that if they argue with me to do one chore that they will have to do another chore. Then they stopped fighting with me. And even though my son faught with me for his first chore and was grounded off of the tv and the internet he did do his next chore without complaint and he did it well, So then I made him a hot chocolate and we drank it together and enjoyed ourselves. I have my friend to thank for all of this because we are getting our chores done and we are fighting less and we enjoy the reward at the end and thats spending time together respecting one another,
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You should spank, then give chores for a week or more<br />

spanking is not the answer. grounding does work, and so does taking away something the kid likes for a few days

:D great story, you are so calm and methological like me! I resist abusive people and encourage more people to be like you

Discipline Is What Your Kids Are Lacking. Set The Rules As Soon As They Are Old Enough To Reach For Things And Make Decisions On Their Own.Follow Up By Physically Teaching Them How To Achieve What You Desire Of Them, ie: Chores, Take Care Of Themselves, Studies, etc. You'd Be Surprised To Find Out They Can Be Taught Rules Before They Walk. If You Begin Disciplining Early On Before They Possess The Ability To Rebel, And Never Waver From That Stand, Following Your Rules Will Become Second Nature To Them, We Are Designed To Be Nurtured With Love, Guidance, Discipline, And Proper Nutrition. It Is Detrimental To Their Happiness And Success In Life To Refuse To Raise Them This Way! If You Nurture Your Children Correctly There Will Never Be A Reason To Physically Strike Them. Positivity Breeds Positivity, And Negativity Breeds Negativity! If You Fill Your Children's Lives With Positivity That Will Be All They Will Ever Know! In Turn You Will Also Be Preparing Them To Become Successful, Loving, Expert, Parents Themselves.<br />
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We Never Have To Travel Further Than Our Own Mirror To Find The Reason Why Our Children Do Or Do Not Listen To Us. We Alone Are The Solution! Good Luck And Have Fun Loving Your Babies! <br />
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I think convincing rather than spanking is the way forward. When my kids were young we would explain why they needed to do some of their own putting away of toys etc. Didnt always work but on when the children were calm it did work. Children are very lovely and the more you talk to them at their level and play with them, they become more responsive<br />
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Afterall children are children, playful & naughty. We only want to provide the right guidance on responsibility.

What a good idea, if you can solve a problem without resorting to have to hit then it always good. To the comments above - In my country it is against the law to hit your child. That includes spanking. Even though i was smacked and pretty hard as a child i think a law that protects children is good. Too many children get hurt because parents who hit their kids take it to extreme's.

A good old-fashioned OTK, bare buns spanking plus added chores results in the young, me-me-me generation we have today. Bring back the good old hairbrush, and apply it firmly and lovingly!

that is such a condradiction, hitting lovingly and doing it on the bare is demeaning. taking away something the kid likes or grounding them is the answer. If an adult hit another adult it would be considered to be an assault. To do it on the bare to another adult would be wrong and it's wrong to do it to a kid

spankings dont bother my 6yr old boy! I had never thought of the whole chore idea tho