hello all holly here single mom with four kids and I am a strong pro spanking mommy, I also use other punishments. I woulike to meet you all, any one have you tried spanking and its not working lets chat thanks
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I don’t intend to use any kind of violence, except maybe for getting them to the doctor if it’s an emergency, I know our mother would have, but it’s kind of different, when one of them was almost beaten to death. <br />
For the little one a “time out” changes the world at the moment. Like most in our family she really can’t stand sitting around without anything to do. Mostly all I need is a warning.<br />
The younger one of the twins, let’s just say when she knows she disappointed me she’s doing everything she can to make it all right again. She always needed harmony in her home, guess now more than before.<br />
With the other twin I’m struggling right now. But I think (or rather hope) If I stay consequent, she’ll come around. Oh and I send her to her room, take away TV and notebook or ground her. I don’t take her cell, she has some health issues and it’s just safer this way.

thanks for your reply so are you part of the due nothing, or sit and hope it gets better, or due some proper punishment it does have to be spanking, there are other punishments.