My Kali

well today i called my sister and picked up my neice and nephew(feel bad for my nephew he was a problem and his dad was FURIOUS) but aparently while i was dealing with my nephew who was being a royal pain she felt i was neglecting her which hurt her feellings badly and shes clammed up to me ive tried to talk to her and let her know that i didnt mean to make her feel that way but she doesnt want me to talk to her or get near her she wouldnt let me into her and her sisters room to say goodnight or put them to bed so my wife let me know that i wanted to tell them goodnight but kali said "daddy doesnt want me to have a good night" so i dont know what to do i dont want my little girl to hate me or think i dont care.

if anyone has any advice please let me know
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4 Responses Jul 16, 2012

you can understand your little girl more by HelloSpy

just tell her that you love her

i do every day but shes starting to get over it

anyone have any suggestions i dont want to be distanced from my children

anyone have advice its amazing how upset with me she is.

she woke up to get a glass of water and as soon as she saw me she turned right around i tried to talk to her she just said"i dont want to talk to you right now"