The twins came home for lunch today, we ate and everything seemed to be going well. Then after lunch my daughter started crying saying "Mom Corey is hurting Tyson! He's ripping his pants off!" Tyson was wearing those tear away track pants and Corey wasn't stopping even after I had caught him! I sent him to the corner but then realized that it was time to send them back to the school, so I sent Corey to school first, to seperate them, he left like as if he was so hard done by. Then Tyson told me that he was panting him at school too in front of all of their friends. I told him that I would deal with him when he got home. I want the punishment to fit the crime. Plus I've always stressed to them to not do wrong to eachother because I wanted them to be close growing up so that they would be close as adults, because they are identical twins, and they will always have eachother. I am still wondering what I should do, I will remind him about how he should treat his brother and anyone for that fact, and stress that, then do you think that making Corey do some of Tysons chores would be a good way to make things right? I think that's what I'll do.

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I dont See that it ridiculous at all! Do you have kids and have you ever taken them anywhere ...i mean ANYWHERE!....who can resist pulling someone pants down when its such a easy deal,laid right out there for them, inviting them......I think if you can prevent bullying and a child life being forever embarrased over , then what the big deal? ...The school has had the policy since "pantsing" and besides, Jeans just look better !! Elastic pants are for PJ's and PJ s are for HOME

I take my kids everywhere with me, even on vacation....I know that wearing tear away pants is asking for trouble, (pant's with the buttons all the way down the legs) is asking for trouble, but I have high standards for my kids, I expect them to treat each other right.

Making him do his brothers chores seems like a fair thing to do. As long as your punishments aren't humiliating then you're fine. Also, follow through with what you say. If you pull back at the last second they'll think you'll do it the next time as well and will be unrelenting.

At my kids school they have dress codes with no elastic waists and if they are caught wearing them, the parents have to bring in new clothes<br />
Second offense, they have to do some kind of time in and 3rd offense they get expelled <br />
for awhile. IF when they come back they still have this behaviour they will be kicked out and will not be readmitted. <br />
I would suggest dress codes and these are YOUR kids, dont even let them wear them.