The Lazy Child.

I am doing some research on the Lazy child and I came across a site that suggest that the first thing you should check when it comes to a lazy child is to make sure that it isn't an underlying medical condition, and to get them checked out by a doctor first for conditions such as get this hook worm! I personally think that it's a great idea, and will be taking my children in for a physical checkup to make absoutley sure that they do indeed have a clean bill of health. Lol okay this source was origianlly written in 1916! But non the less it still is a good idea. It just suggested that it is impossible for a healthy child to be truely lazy, so if it's not physical you have more to work with. This is more focused on the child that doesn't do anything including getting into mischief.

My son in particular has developed lazy habits against housework and homework but will work for money! Lol! I don't believe that he should always get paid to do regular housework, it should be expected of him and when he goes out into the real world on his own nobody will pay him to clean up his own bachelors pad will the!? So how do I get him to work? I personally believe that it's an attitude problem, he must associate house work with being mundane and exhausting, I need him to see the reward. Of how nice it is to live in a clean and orderly home, that his video games won't get scratched if he actually puts them away, it's a good start. But I also want him to know what if feels like to get into the groove of things, beyond the procrastination and what if actually feels like cleaning up at a steady pace. Maybe with some music in the backround and everyone else cleaning up beside him can help. At least that's what I do. But I do find that I have to work along side with him like a little child to actually ensure any progress, which takes me away from my own chores, but if that's what I must do for now until I can get him going than that's what I'll do, until he can hit the ground running, then I can move onto my own chores.

It shouldn't be a fight because I don't want him to associate cleaning up with arguing and temper tantrums, but if there is a stubborn refusal to help then I do resort to the third degree. There are timeless forms of disciplen, such as you don't work you don't eat, or you lose all of your favorite toys. It's hard but they do need disciplen because I love them so much.

Another example right now as I'm writing this is that at lunch time I told my twins to come home after school because it was clean up house day, one of the twins called me from the school to inform me that he has homework club which he just started on Tuesday's and Thursdays he is not my lazy child, but the other child, dropped off his little sister and rode off on his bike even though he is grounded, recently I have gone to all of their friends houses and got their phone numbers and I know where they hang out, so I can take my cell phone and go to the places where he usually goes, I will get my two younger children ready to go and search for my grounded son who just left his sister at the front door and rang the door bell and hopped onto his bike, I have to wake my youngest son from his nap, these are the real problems that I face on a daily basis. But I am the parent and I won't let my children get away with it, so I'm off for now and I will think about how to deal with these kinds of issues sounds like I've already got a plan! Seeya!



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you can understand your child more through HelloSpy

You just wrote the condition and situation.If you want that the children work fast so you keep concern with her/his interest.If interest develop then the work become fast even we tired or lazy