Need Help With Mil

I need a bit of help regarding my MIL, im sick of her ph calls telling us how great her life is then thats about it.. no asking how we are or her only grandchild and at 16months old i think my daughter either needs constant visits from her grandmother or not at all.. as my mil has only come to our house 3 times in the past 9months.. (she lives a 25min drive away) is basically too wrapped up in her own life she knows i dont like her.. but should i give her and ultamatum regarding visiting our daughter or just leave her to come and go as she pleases giving little or no attention to our daughter? plz  i need some advice!!

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2 Responses Feb 15, 2009

the reason i wanted her to be seeing her more is that my daughter screams everytime she sees her and grips onto me or my partner when my mil tries to hold her... this has been happing for maybe 5 months now and its so unusual as my daughter will go to anyone including ppl shes doesnt know.. so i found it quite odd

If your daughter is only 16 months old, then she is not missing anything by not being around her grandma. Now your mom, however, may one of these days realize that she is missing out on her granddaughters life. It's her loss at this point. If she is too self-absorbed to realize what she is missing, then too bad for her. From what you describe, it sounds like your daughter isn't exactly missing a lot by not being around her.