Join Our Pack!

Well the title tells pretty much every thing. My name is estrella and I'm alpha female of the pack and raziel is alpha male in the pack and we are looking for members! If you would like to join or have any question please comment or message me. I thank you for your time. Please and thank you!

With much love,
CelinaTheLost CelinaTheLost
18-21, F
3 Responses Jan 21, 2013

hi, im a young wolf....well im unsure if I am or not, but I would love to have a pack there for support. Can we message about it?

me! But I'm not werewolf,not jet :) but I really want

do u have to be able to physically shift to be in a pack just wondering since u have one and do u guys help each other with shifting?

This is a old post... Lol im no longer in this pack but I personaly have never physically shift.