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I Can't Live Like This Anymore, I Really Need Some Help...i Feel So Helpless & I Just Don't Know What To Do...

I'm a young single mom, I'm 23 & I have a son that is 5.  At the moment we live with my family, we are well taken care of, but I don't want to live like this.  I don't want to be taken care of, & I don't want others taking care of my kid.  I want to be out on my own taking care of my own child, I want to live a normal life.  Soon I will be 24, & this depresses me...because right now I just feel like life is passing me by, it's wasting away & I'm completely helpless & there is nothing I can do about it.  I cry myself to sleep almost every night...each day I just feel so frustrated & sad...because every day it's just the same thing.  I'm at least happy that my son is happy & healthy, he gets all that he needs & he is just fine...but, I want my independence back so much, I want to take care of my kid financially, give him all that he needs & spoil him rotten...give him the life that I've never had.  My dream is to go to school for cosmetology & become a hairstylist/make-up artist...but right now it just feels like all of my goals & dreams are too far out of my reach, & it crushes me.  I don't have a job, & it's not by choice.  After I lost my last job back in 08 I had to move out of my place & move in with my family...& I've been stuck there ever since.  Where I lived b4 I could easily just walk to work or ride with a co-worker, but at my family's house I didn't have a car for years.  Nobody had the time to help me in any way, so for a while I just sat there...I just didn't know what to do.  I applied for jobs online, I actually got a call back but my family told me they didn't have the time to take me to the interview so I lost that opportunity.  I don't have any friends so I couldn't turn to anyone else.  Eventually I contacted my dad & asked him if I could come out to where he was(I live in Georgia, he lived in California)& try to make it out there.  So I went out there, things were good for a while, much better than they were back in Georgia.  I could walk to most places, take the bus to others, I found a beauty school I wanted to go to & almost had that all worked out...but things just didn't work out living w/ my dad, so I had to come back to Georgia.  So I was back in the same position I was in last time.  After a few months I met this guy, we dated for a month then got serious after that.  We were together for 8 months, & we got engaged & we almost got a place together...but, that didn't work he was long gone, & here I am, still in the same position.  Now, I do have a car...the only problem is it doesn't have insurance on it, so I can't even drive it :(  & town & everything is way too far away for me to walk to...because if it was close, I would walk, I really don't care.  I've tried many things to try to make money, I'm artistic so I make little stuffed animals & other things, I've tried selling them...but haven't had any luck at all.  I've applied for jobs online, applied for all the legit work from home jobs I could find...still, no luck.  I made a few friends & reached out to them in my time of need, & they all turned their backs on me.  So, here I am...alone, extremely depressed & I just don't know what to do.  I need help, any kind of help that anyone can give me...I'm desperate, I don't want to live like this anymore.  Never in my life have I thought about suicide, but these days I find myself thinking about it way too much...because it seems like the only legit way out of this madness.  I'm just so hurt, so many things.  When I came back to Georgia, my brother promised that I wouldn't just sit here like last time, he would really help me out & get me out on my own...but, he hasn't kept up w/ his promise, pretty much he's told me "well, sorry, can't help you, you just have to sit here or go live in the streets."  If I could help myself, I would, but there are many people out there that wouldn't be where they are today if it wasn't for someone helping them a them that little step latter so they could reach the cookies on the top of the fridge.  So, please...if there is anyone out there that could help in anyway, who has any kind of advice...any jobs they could pass my way...just ANYTHING, please...let me know.  Each day is such a struggle to get through, I'm in constant pain because I'm so hurt & depressed w/ my life.  My kid is def the light of my life & makes everything possible, but sometimes life gets to be too much...especially when I look at him & want to give him the whole world.  Please...I'm desperate...please help...
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