Advice From A Person That Has Been In This Matter?

Hi everyone,

It's not like me to type and ask for advice online, but now I just don't know what to do. My matter right now seems very simple and impossible at the same time yes people it's another love story... I'm sorry. I have been With my female partner for just over 3 years now, she lacks communication with others very shy with others just about to turn 20 never worked before... I'm now 23 always been working but living with the mother in law wanted to get my own place she loves me I love her, but I'm starting to think love is only a word :( basically I wanna move out I'm ready, and I will need help from her, and I believe it is a great move but I don't see her getting a job ever Even if I waited another 5 years I still don't think she will work.... I want to start living having my own privacy ... Yes I know guys simple answers would be either grow a set and just leave, or be a nice guy for a little while longer but I don't see things changing with her....... My big question is if anyone out there has faced this matter please tell me your outcome...... The thoughts running through my head is I can't leave her we need each other. Soft I know but true :)

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Thanks for the reply, it's not a matter that anyone can help me with.. I believe I have tried my very best I think I know what I must do.... <br />
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Thank you anyways

Didn't really know what you meant by the love bit, but to me, love isn't feelings n romance n such, it's a choice. plain and simple. Do you choose to care about her and live your life with her to make her happy? blah blah etc etc. you know how it goes.<br />
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Sorry I can't help you with anything else though, I haven't been through that specific situation :/<br />
I'd say talk with her, try and nudge her into trying a job, and support her through it.<br />
But i'm sure you're already trying that. Good luck to you.