My Father.

My father was a medic in Vietnam, then went through a couple jobs before he got a job as a satellite engineer, and for most of my life, he was also a drinker, a very heavy drinker of beer, and he was a very aggressive person, he used to put out cigarettes on me, used to call me names like "worthless" and "stupid" and he used to yell at me and the rest of my family all the time. then me and him got into a VERY big fight after he was yelling at my sister and i tried to defend her, where it was definitely one sided and i beat him up quite badly. the next day he went to work and tried to play it off as an on the job accident and ended up getting fired for workman's compensation. that was about 2 years ago, and a year before he was fired he found out he had small treatable signs of cancer, he was getting medication for it but once he got fired he lost his health insurance and could no longer get the medication, so last April, 2012, my father finally passed away, and one month before my graduation, it is now hitting the first few days of December and I still have no idea how to feel about it what-so-ever.
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Dec 4, 2012