21 Sober Ex Drug Addict, Still At Home, No Job, And Nothing To Show For It.. Cant Get **** Together

I finally got sober after a 4-5 year drug addiction in pain pills. At the time I had everything, finished high school, had a job, cars and friends. Now I have nothing but a hell of a lot of weight on my shoulders, regret and no motivation. I stopped talking to anybody that was in my life and prob was a good thing since there still ****** up and useing. So im a loner, still at my parents, no car, no job, and I have no motivation. Im seeing a girl that is the complete opposite. She is same age with a 2 year old son. Living with her girlfriend, great job as a pharmacist technician of all things. She is great, and we like each other like crazy, but I have nothing compared to her, and thats a lack of confidence in my eyes, I just dont feel good enough in my eyes since I am a bum. No money, no nothing. I have hunted for a job almost every single day but no luck, I guess you could say im a little depressed. In NA or AA, they only prepare you for the "getting clean" part of the 12 steps.. they dont really prepare you for life after addiction and trying to pick up where you left off. I jus dont know what to do.
nyork88 nyork88
Dec 4, 2012