I Have Alienated Everyone That's Ever Been In My Life Include My Parents I Have No One

Hi everyone I really hope you can help me I am alianating everyone No one at all wants anything to do wi me I don't have a clue what I am doin wrong but it needs to stop before I have had enough of existing
I will tell u abit about my story as a child I was raised by my step dad from 6months old and didn't meet my real father till I was 25 anyways my step father used to beat me and my sister we badly but my step bother got everything he every asked for or wanted and was treated alot diff to me and my sis always through school I struggled making friends got poor results in class even tho I used to want to learn I tried to learn was good at school had one or two mates that would keep falling out wi me through high school but my dad would very rarely let me see em out of school we were made to stay in all time if we weren't at school some weekends I would be able to stop at my mates but be very rare due to an incident in the family we suddenly had to move towns when I was 15 and my parents could not see the point in finding me a school cos it wa my final year and told me to look for work instead so I never got change to do aany gcses but I wa workin instead all way through my life I have turned everyone against me I actually don't know anyone that don't have a problem wi me I have turned my parents all my friends anyone I have every met is no longer talkin to me even at work ppl don't include me in Convo I get ignored alot always last to be told important info but I really can't see how I have managed to get to this I try be a nice polite person but it always backfires I crave affection when have a gf they get freaked out I when ppl do have mates I try be the best mate I can be but the enevatable Always happens we fall out . My parents fell out wi me when I got pulled Into an arguement wi my parents and sister when she had her two boys taken into care and my parents went for custody but because of my child hood I obviously played my part in makin sure that they didn't go to my parents the kids have been adopted now because my sisters weed habit come before her sons I tried to make a mense wi my sis and parents but they just don't wanna know as for my real dad he contacted me through social networks June 2011 I put him In contact with his daughter my sister too after I tracked her down for him by Christmas he made me homeless and used my occasional weed habit as an excuse one of my step brothers I didn't know I had deals from my dads house and my sis smoke £40a day I smoke once or twice a week help my life's a mess
Murphygt01 Murphygt01
Jan 8, 2013