Helping others to get their lives on track is what I do, and why I'm here. I am a mentor who has a passion to guide, teach and motivate others along their jourey to self-improvement and success. Making life changes can be a hard task for one to accomplish on their own. So, if you are in need of help with your life, feel free to message me and introduce yourself.
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3 Responses Aug 15, 2014

Hi im 27 years old and my life has been falling apart for years. I have an 11 yr old daughter which makes everything thats happening lately so much worse. I was beaten as a young girl, called CPS all the time but the cases were always unfounded... I called the cops and flipped out when I was 15 and the cop took me to get mentally evaluated.... they wanted to keep me but my mom had me released into her custody. Well my mom wasnt the best caregiver but atleast I wasnt abused. She liked to party and she even let my 21 yr old bf live with us. yep thats how I got pregnant so young. My dad disowned me and my bf went to jail. My mother decided we should move. We moved to the city where I got a job and things started looking up. That was until I had to leave work all the time to pick my daughter up from crack houses. My mom became addicted to drugs and life went down hill fast. Mom eventually went to jail. And I moved in with my grandmother and helped her. She helped me too tho... I turned 21 when I was living with her and when my daughter and her went to bed I would leave and go out to bars. Every night. I didnt do anything for myself during this time and my life was going nowhere. My mother got out early because she did a shock program... so when she got out we moved my grandma closer to home and I moved back in with mom. Her bf helped me get a car and I got a job again. Things went back to the way they were... my ma wanted to party and she would take my car at night and wouldnt be back for me to get to work so I lost my job. I started sleeping all day, not wanting to do anything or see anyone. My bf at the time felt insecure because I didnt want to do anything with him and we broke up. A week later him and my mother were dating. We moved into his house and I had to deal with my mom and my ex being together cuz I had no place to go. I got another job and life wasnt so bad. My mom helped take care of my daughter and I could trust her again. I got hurt at work and was on comp. For a month... when I came back to work they had me somewhere else where I couldnt do the job because of my injury. I got sick work being so unbearable and I didnt want to be home so I quit my job asked my ma to watch my daughter for awhile and I took off drinking my life away. I would visit my daughter every other day but her grades were slipping and I couldnt stand to watch her life go where mine went. So I talked to my dad and he let me move back in with him. I went back to sleeping all day... I would get my daughter on the bus and go back to sleep til she got home. Ive been with a guy for 5 months and I moved in with him last month and had my daughter in school there for a week. We started getting really sick and found out there is black mold in the house... my dad let me move back in because he is looking for a place down south. But so much is going on that its making it impossible to stand. My brother is here with his girlfriend and their kids and there isnt room for my boyfriend his kids and my daughter. My dad is out of state visiting my other brother and looking for a house so my brother has the run of the house. He has people in and out all hours of the night. My boyfriends ex said she heard someone was coming here to shoot up the house because my brother robbed them. My boyfriend cant have his kids here at all and we have nowhere else to go so he hasnt been staying with me. And with all this going on he is pressuring me about our sex life. Thats the last thing on my mind. I just had to switch my daughters schools again and I feel she doesnt get enough love from me cuz im so stressed out. My boyfriends 6 yr old was talking about sex to my 3 yr old nephew and it started a bunch of stuff with my nephew and brother and their situation.... so I sat him down and talked to him cuz neither one of his parents thought it was a big deal. Come to find out my boyfriends 6 yr old son was molested by the neighbor kids. I would think that would be a bigger issue than our intimacy. Or maybe the fact we dont have a place to live and his vehicle is about to be repoed. Too much is going on that i dont know what to do. For the past ten years ive been grinding my teeth I have 3 molars left on the top. And since my doctor started me on prozac 3 months ago ive gained 30lbs. My whole body is falling apart on top of my life and I am clueless as to what to do anymore. Please give me advice.

Will do:)

I think I am incapable of being happy.