I Cant Lose The Love Of My Life..i Need To Find Strenght And Hope

Idk where to really start, I've never done anything like this before, but then again life never seemed so hard or hopeless before.
Well through out the years, ive guarded my heart from people. For my age ive been royally screwed over by people, and people that all i did was care for them and be a good friend...But awhile ago I truly fell in love, like smacked me in the face, feel it in all my bones fell in love. I finally knew why I was put on this earth.. But now hes heading off to Malaysia with his family for 6 month to a year...and i know that dosnt sound like a long time..but it scares me soo much. I know that he begged and begged me to wait for him, and promised hes coming back to me, and that he loves and wants to marry me. But since i found out that he has to leave so many things have already changed. Were now unofficially together, which weirdly enough dosnt bother me. But its all the little things that have changed, and im not sure how i should process them, idk if its just a transitioning stage, or am i reading into everything. All i know is i cant leave him, and i want to be strong and wait. It just seems like everything is slipping away and i cant do anything about it. I just need the strength to not give up, cause i know with all my being that if i hang in there its all going to work out..
stormynights101 stormynights101
May 18, 2012