Please, This Is Extremely Embarrassing For Me, But I Need To Know What It Is

directly above my vaginal hole, I have a tiny, slender piece of skin the extends about 1 cm or less from its attached placement.
I don't know what it is.
It does not cause me pain.
It does not block anything.
It is not a classifiable part of my vaginal area; meaning I am able to locate all parts of my area, and then this is simply in addition to everything, not a part of something else.
I find this to be extremely embarrassing, and have never brought it up with anyone. however, I would like to know if having this means anything. does it signify that anything will happen, has happened, or is happening to my body? is it even significant.
please, if anyone is able to assure me of anything, please respond back to this.
as I said, I am extremely embarrassed to even think about this, but I really feel that I need to know about what this is.
and before you disregard this and think that I am joking, let me assure you that I am being completely serious. I have specifically made an account here just to ask this question.
If you have read this, thank you for your time, and I hope to hear from anyone who can help.
notimportantenough notimportantenough
May 11, 2012