I could do with some nice, simple, fun and maybe romantic ideas for a date for a shy, unsociable couple who rarely see eachother and are afraid of loud, crowded areas :/ any ideas please?
Preferably something relatively cheap, not a huge meal or anything
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1 Response Aug 18, 2014

I guess this is probably a little late but I came across this on the side thing to the right of peoples stories or whatever.. Anyways, I would say that you could go on a hike together maybe take a picnic? it's best if it's along a river side cause then if you guys feel like goofing off you can always chill out in the water. You could also go to the beach, there's always plenty of areas along the seaside or lakes that have next to no one. There's also just going out at night to somewhere secluded away from the city on a clear night so you can look up into the sky and watch the stars/hold hands/eat, drink, or smoke a joint. I also find that going out at night just walking and talking/maybe going to a play ground and swinging together is nice. I can probably come up with more ideas if you want.